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About US

We (vapeliquidstore.com) are a team located in Hong Kong and China mainland that has more than ten years of electronics international on-line retailing. Our expertise covers the whole process of consumer products supply chain and sales. We also has a professional customer service team which is good at handling problems before or after sales. VapeLiquidStore's mission is to provide you the most professional experience of online Vape e-Juice, E-Cig / Vaping devices and supply purchase. 

Recently, E-cig / Vaping industry is growing rapidly. Vaping is not only a method of quitting smoking, but also become contemporary fashion. Although there is still dispute in some perspective, vaping is undoubtedly becoming a new way of smoking rather than traditional cigarettes. Using vaping device, you can preciously control the whole process start from igniting, indigents percentage to the mist effect. You can choose what flavor and mix them by your creativity.

Thanks to the prosperity of south china manufacturing, a lot of famous vaping brand born here, and we're geographically close to some leading vaping manufactures and related resources. Appropriately, we decide to open a professional store that can bring the most original and popular vaping devices, kits, liquids, etc. to our dear customers.

We know deeply what you're caring about buying vaping liquid online. It's all about instant, convenient and safety. Hence we guarantee :

  • All our products is authentic . All brands products are real. We hate fake or bad quality products as you do.

  • All your information will be protected well. We use HTTPS all over the web site. We will never expose your data to any other third party.

  • All the package will be tracking. We don't use unregistered mail. We choose carefully reliable carries for you.

  • All the products have a reasonable price. We keep trying to lower the cost in any process and provide you the best value price. If you found a exceptional high price, please let us know. There must be something wrong. If you find a exceptional low price, please place order as quick as possible. It will be fixed soon.

  • All returns will be handled well. If the mistake is by our side, we'll make sure you spend nothing on returning the merchandise to us. 

Your satisfaction is always our value. Our objective will never be achieved without your help. Please give us feed back as many as you can to help us grow strong.